Friday, 23 January 2009

The Last Post

This will be the last posting on Mossie's blog. Two weeks have passed since he went. His Mad-But-Not-Actively-Dangerous Woman has shed lots of tears but also had so many hugs and wonderfully kind messages. As Mossie remarked last year, "I know how nice this love thing is".

Bella (Carmwater Orange Princess or HRH if we're being formal) died in 2007. She had never quite got the hang of dignified old age and brought chaos and delight into our lives with equal measure. But there was a big hole in the heart. In a Google moment, rescue Border Collies slid into view and a few weeks later, Mossie arrived. Old, tired and scared, he had wound up in a rescue centre after being found chained up with broken teeth and sore paws from trying to break the chain. He came into my life ready to share all the love in the world in exchange for a safe and loving home. He’d been an outdoor dog and knew nothing of stairs, wall-string-things, washing-rooms and the like. But, everything turned out just as it should. We had the best possible fifteen months.

So, a decision to be made. Clearly, it would be a mad (barking mad, in fact) idea to continue Mossie's blog. The MBNAD woman might turn up somewhere else. I haven't a clue why I started the blog. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Writing was never onerous, in the same way as tumbling out of bed at 6 am to walk on a cold morning wasn't a burden. It was all part of life with Mossie.

But before we go, Mossie's blog was tagged by 65 Roses for a lovely blog award.

So here are my nominations for the lovely blog award:

The Dog's Blog
Get well and stay well, Jasper. So many bitches and so little time.

Keep on bouncing Brucie and look after the Bushhouse.

Grow up fine and handsome, Jakey.

Henry the Leaphound
Stay noble, Henry and take care of Molly, Wee Pup, your Woman and her OH.

Keep writing your blogs and find four lovely blogs of your own to tag. I'll still be following and hope to enjoy reading about all your happy times.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this. It was fun, it was Grand.


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I feel like I've just gotten to the fair and it's closed. Best of luck in the future. And if you get another dog, please let me know. Thank you very much for the kind award.

Katherine said...

You should check if blogger will delete your entries after a certain amount of inactivity, and, if they will, find a way round it



Jasper said...

Oh, MBNAD, we do love your comments on our blog and THANK YOU for nominating me for the lovely award, how can we thank you enough? We are heartbroken that Mossie is no longer in this world - how empty your life must feel. I wish that there was something I could say to make it feel easier, but I know that words don't help much. Just remember that in the NEXT world Mossie is alive and well, with ALL his teeth, and happily waits for the day when he will see you again.

Though I daresay he'll have eaten all the good biscuits by the time you get there...

How wonderful that he was able to spend the last months of his life surrounded with love, quality care and dignity. He was a lucky boy.

lots of love from Jasper

Henry the Leaphound said...

Thank you SO MUCH MBNAD Woman for the rose tag, woooo hooo Henry and I are really pleased!

We're also realy sad that you won't be blogging any more but also completely understand why, every time I open your blog and see Mossie it brings a lump to my throat so it must be super hard for you.

Wee Pup Badger says that if you feel like doing it all over again there are two of his brothers and sisters still living in the barn next door as no-one wants a puppy round here and they are getting a bit big now at about 17 weeks (maybe more, I lost count).

And lovely gentle Molly sends you a super soft pat from her velvet coat and a very relaxing deep sigh that only dogs can do.

We'll all miss you but it's a good feeling to know that you will still be following us around.

Lots of Love, Catherine, Henry, Molly & Badger, oh and Other Half xxx

joker the lurcher said...

i only found you today and i was so sad to read about moss. i had a lovely old border collie called lad who had a similar history to moss and who i took on when he was 2. he lived with us for 10 years and was a lovely friend. there is something special about a rescued dog - they seem to appreciate life more from having had it tough.